Monday, 2 March 2015

Six Degrees of Separation (Part 2: Suicidal)

Only Lord knows how much crazy I am now. Delusional, depressed and I thinking of suicide. I think I can no longer hold it anymore as my world is turning upside down. Thanks to the stupid mouth of my best friend Lenny, now I am thinking of her so hard. Can you imagine how stupid for someone to even said the name of someone who broke our heart after we're trying to fix our heart here? Grow up Lenny! 

Now I am sitting on my usual booth in my place (Bar, of course) all alone and depressed after I ran away from my douchebag friends just now. I call up Cindy, the another bartender at my place and order the stupidest request I ever asked, the most luxury and pain in the ass expansive 35 years old Famous Grouse and I drink it all by myself. I try to drown myself by getting drunk as a donkey that night but the pain is just too hard and it demands to be felt by me. As I am going to hit my third glass of my scotch, my three friends James, Ken and Andrew including the douchey Lenny. I say "Get the hell out of here!!" everyone in the bar startled in silence and the bar goes mute just like my laptop when I am trying to view some inappropriate videos back in my adolescence years.

 James or Jimmy comes and put his arms around my shoulder, "Chill off Dan. You're gonna scare every single hottie in this bar if you keep on shouting like that. Come on bro, I want to hit on someone tonight and at least some of us would be happy. haha!" This Jimmy guy is really funny though, I can't help it but smiled and chuckled a little bit. Then Ken says "Dude, forget about that Amy chick already. Like seriously you're better off without her." "Yeah, man. I know how much you like older women, what about I set you up with my 31 years old sister. She has been single for too long and seriously, I really want a nephew or two. haha!" Said Andrew to cheer me up a little bit but I was offended a little bit. I loved Amy not because of she's older than me (even she is around a few days than me) but I loved her for what she is. Lenny still stood up in silence. I don't know maybe he needs my permission to sit the booth there. I said "Permission to come aboard accepted" and smile towards him although he was being a bit cheeky with his jokes during our 'board meeting'. Meaning getting drunk late at night at our work place and drinking on the rooftop of our office.

~To be continued

Six Degrees of Separation (Part 1: Broken Heart)

The first part was the most painful at first for me. Because I have to face the fact that she's no longer here with me. I still remember that I used to smoke just half a pack a day but since the day she left, I desire more and more to keep me intoxicated and not thinking about our break up.

 I will get up every morning and talk a walk in the middle of 4:00 a.m and see the Manhattan skyline while waiting for the dawn to come. Seriously, I can't really sleep at all because I am in pain and I can't sleep with a broken heart. I hit my jack and the bartender Joe greeted me and ask "What do you want for today?" "Just, one Famous Grouse. Neat!" ordering my favorite scotch while lighting up a stick of Red Marlboro that I bought last night. Damn, it was the last one I had and seriously I have to buy another pack before I head to work today.

"For God sake Daniel, stop smoking and get some sleep." Said Joe and he tries to take my lighter away from me after he done finished making my drink.  I almost explode but I calm my nerves down as I said to him slowly "What should I do Joe? I loved her so much. She was my whole life and now, I lost my world." 

Joe pat my back and sit next to me as my tears start kissing my cheeks and fall to the bar table. "Danny, you're gonna be okay... Don't worry about it. Amy isn't that hot. You have scored chicks ten times hotter than her. She's totally a strong 5 while you my man, you're a solid ten. haha!" His words tickle me a little bit there and we talk about crazy stuff until it was almost 7 a.m. After 4 drinks and 7 stick of ciggies I lit up thanks to Joe by the way, I go and prepared myself as I have feel better, I think.                                                     ~To be continued

Six Degrees of Separation (Prologue)

Hi again peeps and Assalamualaikum! It is me again, Muhammad Shakir, Le INFP. It has been like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since I updated this blog and I literally just saw a dead raccoon in my blog here. Haha! (Just kidding) So, first of all I would like to apologize to all of you for not updating my blog these days, I guess I have been busy with my assignments and whatnot around here. Plus, I have started my own new obsession which is the pumping some proteins to my joints and all if you know what I am saying. So, today I will treat all of you with some good vibes but a bit sad. This is a short story about a guy who's facing a tough break up and let us know the six steps that he face during the separation period.

The Six Degrees of Separation. What is it actually? Well no one knows. Haha! But all I understand about this six parted theory is it is the 6 step that human being would take after they stop being in whatever kind of relationships. Either it is love, friendship or anything. So, I will be talking about my own experiences related to this situation or theory which I always face before. This is my own Six Degrees of Separation. 

I remember my own six degrees of separation just like it was yesterday, painful yet vivid. Yes, I still can feel the pain until now and no one ever known behind all of those smiles I thrown, deep inside the heart is beating in pain. I read books and articles about break ups and all. Watch the shows talking about giving my spirit a boost. I remember as I couldn't take it anymore I would go out of my house and sip a smoke until my chest hurts literally. Just to heal what is broken inside. 

But every time, all of my friends and colleagues ask "Dude, I hope you're fine there." And I would carve the best fake smile I could, and say in my fake cheerful voice "I am totally fine bro." They used to go and put their arm on my shoulder and pat while uttering these words to me, "If you need me, just tell me okay? I will be your listening ears and shoulder for you to cry on". But inside I think, I am a guy and I don't wanna cry in front of them as it would make me look like a sissy and I tell my own self suck it up and I mean literally, it means freaking smoke there. 

So, I think I am getting better as I can smoke whenever I want after I broke up with her so, I tell myself "Cheer up bro, no one will tell us what to do after this". What I didn't realize is the reason I started smoking is because of her so, basically without I am thinking of her subconsciously although I know I didn't really notice it. But actually I am not because I am entering the gateway of Six Torture Stage of Separation.                                                                     ~To be continued

Monday, 12 January 2015

John Mayer, Poetry in music...

Assalamualaikum and hi again people, alien, rabbit, chipmunk,  or any living soul whose reading my blog here although I know it has a dull design and etcetera yadayadayada but level with me folks, black is cool okay... Haha! So, where was I? Yeah, since it's been awhile since I posted something on my blog and yeah, I am like three post behind as my lecturer (Madam Q) wants us, her beloved students (I don't know either she does loves us or what, but yeah keep on the positive thoughts right? Lol) to have like at least 14 posts on our blog... But don't worry madam, your student here will try his best to reach like more than 14 or maybe 400 (exaggerating okay, not seriously) posts! Hehe!
So, yeah... Today's topic is one of my favourite singer of all, fellow INFP (if you don't know what is it, please check my first post okay?) blues singing cool guy, Mr John Mayer... So, what's up with him? Some of you might have heard of his name before but to those who haven't let me tell you kids (suddenly, I turn into a granpa for awhile there) he is like one of those magical singer songwriter that ever exist here on earth... (sounds like I am overselling him but the truth is yeah he is!) So, today I am not to introduce you to him cuz I am sure all of you guys have Internet access and such, so please be a dear to me and go search for his info on wiki okay... Yes, you there honey... Stop smiling cuz you're so going to make me melt (suddenly) haha! Then, if I am not going to introduce him why do I write this post? Good question there my own self (wacko alert hahaha!) I am going to share to all of you my top 5 of his magical poetry in music or in an easier term songs... So, I will review this top 5 songs and why did they become my most played on my Walkman (not the old Walkmans, but I am using a Sony phone so, the default music player is the Walkman app). So, lets adjourn to the topic shall we?

Number 5 goes to Gravity from his third studio album, Continuum.

This song is a lay back relax song with the pure blues guitar wails. Mayer did a really good job of being metaphorical by using 'gravity' to symbolize his hardship in his life. This song is being considered by a lot of his fans (including me) as his number one song in his entire career. 

The top number four contender for his greatest song for this amateur music critic (me) is Your Body is a Wonderland. (P/S: this song is not recommended to underage because the content is 18+)
 Again, this music poet manage to steal my attention by using a subtle way to express his love to his sweetheart. By using metaphors like "your skin like porcelain" "candy lips and bubblegum tongue" he compare his lover superficial features in a very beautiful and romantic way. The title of the song is already beautiful but a bit erotic don't you guys think? haha!

Next stop, we're into the top 3 now, where I have chosen the song entitled Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. 

This song is a about a messy break up of Mayer and his ex lover and he encrypted everything with a very wonderful and applaud able yet a bit psychotic way by the line "Go cry about why don't you? My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room. This particular piece is again a very great poetic way of Mayer express himself (or every other INFP just like myself... *blushing face*). This song is one of my favorite since it does portrays me and my past lovers of how messy our breakups were. 

Okay, now we are at the toughest time of all because seriously guys, I am very confused just to choose either these two but well, I got to choose am I not? haha! so here it goes... 

The runner up for my top songs of Mr John Mayer is Belief. Yeah people, the title is Belief. And to be frank this is like one of the most awakening song that is available in my world. 
As always, the song starts with smooth blues guitar and once in the intro, the guitar is being accompanied  patriotic drums and powerful bass. The most beautiful quotes in this song is the second verse which is "Belief is a beautiful armor, that made for the heaviest sword." which in my opinion means belief is a beautiful yet the heaviest gift that can be give to a person. Metaphorical and smooth music again proves him that he is not another pretty face with meaningless music. 

At last we have reached the top as I will announce the number one seed of my John Mayer's song which is A Face to Call Home in his 5th studio album Born and Raised. This song has a sentimental value to me as this is my feel cheesy song (as I always remember my Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz (My lifelong treasure of destiny) ) So, to be frank I chose this song based on personal bias but trust me, this song is a top notch one. 

In this song, Mayer imagine himself an architect where he is building a garden or home, while in figurative meaning he is building a strong relationship with his lover. Every time he sees his companion, he sees a calm and soothing face and he compares her with a very welcoming and heartwarming place, home and yeah, so as I. Thus, that completes my list here. That's all from me folks, thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum and Auf wiedersehen. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

From the start until the very end

Hi again folks... I am back after a few weeks not updating and such... 😄 so, what I have for you guys today is a English version lyrics of popular Korean drama's theme song which many call as Winter Sonata... But actually the real title of the song is "From The Beginning Until The End" and it was sung by a very talented artist Ryu (don't ask me for his fullname... It's not like I am his mother or anything... 😒) haha! So yeah, this song is already covered by Hazami as Sonata Musim Sejuk but today you guys can sing it in English too since no one ever made a cover in English for it... Haha! 😁 so, let's get started ...

This cover is dedicated for you... You guys whose reading this... Not for a special someone... 😳 haha!

From The Start Until The Very End

Since the day you have walked out of my life
My days and nights have been tearing apart
And the darkness casted upon the bright day sky

I washed away by the waves of love
And I drowned in the ocean of lies
But to reach the light that's all I ever wanted

It's like the day without the bright light of the sun
It's like the night without the sparkles of the stars
Without you here my life will not seemed right
'cause you are perfection of my life
It's like the spring without the beauty of the scene
It's like the summer without love that warms my heart
This heart and soul are binded and there's no turn back
From the start until the very end

Repeat # and Chorus

I pray to the Almighty
To build us a Palace in Eden
And our love will stand forever

Repeat Chorus

And we're done there! Try it if you wanted... Or maybe sing it to your loved ones... It will work as charm I guess... Haha! 😉 thanks for reading! Toodles peeps!

Monday, 1 December 2014


Hi again fellow human...

For the second post, I think I would like to share a poem entitled Angel... This poem is written by myself where I imagine a situation of two married couple, how the the husband sees his wife and how much he appreciates his beloved angel of his whole life...

Seeing your face just like looking up with night sky
You're so beautiful and each time I do I feel I could die
As for me, I have gaze my eyes upon what they call heaven earth
You're the angel of my life and for me, you're always the first

I have seen thousand faces
And I have heard millions of voice
I have face so uncountable behaviours
But still for me yours is my favourite

The way that you smile amuse me
The way that you laugh warm me
The walk that you talk made me fall in love
You're the only one I wanted to be in this whole world

This eden that we build since the first brick
Complete this beautiful garden, and never I felt sick
Holding your hand and tied to the bond of God
Nothing else I heard but the singing bird...

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Hello fellow human...

This is my first time having a blog since before this I thought people with blogs are sissies (like my roommate. Hahaha!) But once I started it I feel like this thing is kinda cool. Well, actually I gotta be honest with you guys and myself, I am not really into this blogging thing cuz mostly what people do here is writing entries here on what they have been doing all days and write about there feelings or whatever. But then a thing about me, as INFP; I rarely express my feelings in a direct way or in another harsher and not-sugarcoated; superficial way. I bet not so many people know what INFP stands for (Cuz trust me... I have been there too. I was asking what is INFP when my non-biological brother first mentioned it to me...)

Apparently, INFP is actually a type of personality according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicators; as one of the available personality type in this whole world and INFPs are considered as the minority in this world since there are about 4-5% populations in this whole world. I would say I feel like an alien sometimes cuz nobody can really understand how INFPs think.

Fun facts about us... There are so many famous people whether they're actors, writers and singers... Most of INFPs are successful in arts as I mentioned before rather express our feelings on our canvas either it is on a real canvas for artists, music sheets for musicians , the silver sheets for the actors and blank white pages for authors... Some of the most famous INFP individuals are

1. Princess Diana of Wales (She was a self-diagnosed INFP)
2. Edgar Allen Poe
3. J.R.R Tolkien
4. Stephen King
5. John Mayer

Those are my favorite people in my whole life and I feel very lucky to have the same personality type as them... I also hope that one day, I can be just successful and influential as them... I guess that's all for this post...

Peace out people!